Department of Physiology Yamagata University Faculty of Medicine

Research interests: Synaptic physiology of hippocampal neurons and glial cells, Neurobiology of learning and memory, Hippocampal synaptic plasticity, Behavioral neurophysiology


Our department offers graduate training in neuroscience leading to the Ph.D.

Our Policy

Staffs and students in Neurophysiology have a common goal: to understand how the brain produces behavior that is founded on the memory acquired. Our graduate training gives students a foundation in neurophysiology, technical proficiency in an area of interest, and an understanding of the fundamentals of Neurophysiology and Behavior so that they can address intellectual and technical issues with finesse. To study the idea we conceive, we use various neurophysiologic recording systems; a field response recording systems for in vitro preparations, a field response recording system for in vivo animals, a patch-clamp systems combined with IR-DIC, a multiple-electrode recording system for in vitro electrophysiology, a multiple-electrode recording system for in vivo electrophysiology, systems for analyzing behaviors of rodents.

Recording systems and Our machine factory