Department of Pathological Diagnostics

Mitsunori YAMAKAWA, M.D., Ph.D.

Rintaro OHE, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor:
Tomoya KATO, M.D., Ph.D.
Takanobu KABASAWA, M.D.
Nobuyuki TAMAZAWA, M.D.

The staffs of the Department of Pathological Diagnostics are involved in teaching for medical and postgraduate students, research activities, and pathological and cytological diagnosis in surgical pathology and autopsy in our hospital. Emphasis is placed on clinicopathological correlation, namely the role of the pathologist as a consultant to clinicians and patients. The pathologists, as a physician and investigator, have to maintain a high standard of research in which each investigator independently achieves their own research projects. They are encouraged to collaborate with scientists in other research fields.

Education and research activities
"Pathology" is taught to 125 medical students during their second to sixth years. For the postgraduate student course, a combined pathology and research training program has been structured. The program is designed to provide the postgraduate student with current concepts and techniques as well as traditional principles of pathology.

The research involves materials obtained from patients, and techniques that can be applied directly to the diagnosis of human disease or to au understanding of the basic mechanism of diseases. The research activity of the department has been focused on the following research projects:

  • Analysis of biological activity in human malignancies including gynecological, colonic and hematolymphoid cancers
  • Pathobiology of dendritic cells in human diseases (cancer, viral infection, autoimmune disease, and other chronic inflammation including IgA nephropathy)
  • Immunological and pathological roles of follicular dendritic cells in lymphoid tissues