Published Paper


Fiscal 2016


1.          Mizuno D, Kimoto T, Sakai S, Takahashi E, Kim H, Kido H: Induction of protective immunity and maintenance of its memory against influenza A virus by nasal vaccination using a new mucosal adjuvant SF-10 derived from pulmonary surfactant in young cynomolgus monkeys, Vaccine. 2016; 34, 1181-1188. [Link]

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4.          Iseki K, Ozawa A, Seino K, Okubo R, Yamazaki K, Goto K, Tase C: An overview of hydrogen sulfide suicides based on police data in Yamagata prefecture, Japan. Asia Pac J Med Toxicol 2016; 5: 79-82. [Link]

5.          山崎健太郎, 羽田俊裕, 水野 大:自動車内で向精神薬服用後、高温に暴露され死亡したと推定された剖検事例. 法医学の実際と研究. 2016 ; 59 : 141-144.

6.          水野 大, 川原正博, 水野敬子久合田伸子山崎健太郎 : カンナビノイド受容体作動薬の視床下部神経細胞株 (GT1-7細胞) に対する毒性評価. 法医学の実際と研究. 2016 ; 59 : 145-150

7.          渡邉剛太郎,秋葉敬斉,山崎健太郎AutoMate Expressを用いた骨からの簡易DNA抽出.法医学の実際と研究. 2016 ; 59 : 176-179.

8.          渡辺剛太郎,梅津和夫山崎健太郎Identifiler Plus kit で認められた非特異的ピークの判別.DNA多型.20162459-60.

9.          永幡嘉之梅津和夫山崎健太郎:絶滅危惧種アカハネバッタの遺伝的多様性.DNA多型.20162490-91.



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2.       Mizuno D, Kawahara M (2016) Link between metal homeostasis and neurodegenerative diseases: crosstalk of metals and amyloidogenic proteins at the synapse. In Metallomics - Analytical Techniques and Applications-. in press.



Fiscal 2015


1.          Mori M, Mizuno D, Konoha-Mizuno K, Sadakane Y, Kawahara M: Quantitative analysis of carnosine and anserine in foods by performing high performance liquid chromatography. Biomed Res Trace Elem. 2015; 26, 147-152. [Link]

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5.          山崎健太郎, 羽田俊裕, 水野 大, 倉田理華, 塩原理沙, 外川加奈子, 和賀望浩, 渡辺ゆみ子, 梅津和夫 (2015) 死後長時間経過事例に見る孤独死の疫学的考察―同居家族がいる場合―, 法医学の実際と研究2015; 58, 223-231.

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Fiscal 2014


1.          Yokoyama K, Sato M, Haneda T, Yamazaki K, Kitano T, Umetsu K: An N-acetyllactosamine-specific lectin, PFA, isolated from a moth (Phalera flavescens), structurally resembles an invertebrate-type lysozyme. Insect Biochem Mol Biol. 2014; 54: 106-111 [Link]

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Fiscal 2013


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Fiscal 2012


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Fiscal 2011


1.        Yuasa I, Harihara S, Jin F, Nishimukai H, Fujihara J, Fukumori Y, Takeshita H, Umetsu K, Saitou N. Distribution of OCA2*481THr and OCA2615Arg, associated with hypopigmentation, in several additional populations. Leg Med2011; 3(4): 215-217. [Link]

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Fiscal 2010


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