(April 19, 2014)

Biochemical Analysis Center, Institute for Promotion of

Medical Science Research


Director: Junichi Fujii Ph.D.

Associate Professor: Michililko SATO Ph.D.



The laboratory started as an Instrumentai Center in Yamagata University School of Medicine in 1981. Next year the laboratory moved to a new building between the building of Basic Medicin and Clinical Medicine. In April, 1983, the laboratory has changed the system. The name of the center, accordingly, changed to 'Central Laboratory for Research and Education'. There are 5 divisions, morphology, physiology, biochemistry, cell culture and the laboratory for common use. A new center stated at April, 2012 named Technical Support Center of Education and Research(TSCER), which was combined Central Laboratory for Researh and Education (CLRE) and Networking and Computing Service Center (NCSC). In 1 January, 2014, the name of center has changed to Biochemical Analysis Center, Institute for Medical Science Research with the reorganaization of the research system in Yamagata University Faculty of Medicene.

Morphology division:

The division provides facilities for ultrastructural analysis through its Electron Microscope Laboratory. The EM Laboratory houses two electron microscopes (Hitach H-7100 with CCD camera, S-5000S) which provide high-resolution transmission and scanning capabilities. Supporting apparatus such as ultramicrotomes, freeze-fracture equipment, as well as a fully equipped photographic laboratory are available.


MegaView III


A Carl Zeiss LSM-700 confocal laser scanning microscope has been installed recently. A r/Kr mixed gas laser optics (405/488/555/639nm) and both 555 and 639 He/Ne laser optics with inverted microscope allow three channels to be monitored simultaneously at high resolution. Some very good data have already been generated.



A new fluorescence inverted microscope, Carl_Zeiss Axiovert 200 and Leica MD 3000B equipped with cooled CCD camera DP-70 (Olympus) has been available in the division.

Carl_Zeiss Axiovert 200


Leica MD 3000B

Physiology division:

This division provides facilities for the information processing architectures especially for the medical and biological sciences collaborated with I-ida branch of General information processing center of Yamagata University. The laboratory has several personal computers (Macintosh and Windows XP machines) provides DNA and Protein sequence analysis (Genetyx), image acquisition, image processing, optical character recognition, surface rendering, presentation graphics and animation services (full colour printers, Pictorography and Pictrostatt).

Computer Lab.

colour printer (Fuji Filme Pictrograpy 3500)

Multifunctional colour printer iRicohAimagio SPC5303SP )


Analysis of the DNA, RNA and Proteins:

The division provides facilities for DNA analysis. Two DNA sequencers (ABI, 3130 (4 capillaries ) and 3500xl (24 capillaries) capillary DNA analyzer ) provide the good results of nucleotide sequence over 700-900 bases. In addition, an automated thermocycler (Veriti Lifetechnologies and TP600 Takara) is available to users for PCR.

ABI (3130 capillary DNA sequencer)

DNA sequencer

ABI (3500 xl capillary DNA sequencer)

3500 xl


4Peaks for Mac OS 10.3 and over, FinchTV for Mac OS 10.3 and over, Windows XP, 7, 8and UNIX, and Chromas for windows machine.

The Core is also equipped with automated technology to perform quantitative chores: Multiple wave length plate reader. Varioskan Flash spectral scanning multimode reader includes fluorescence intensity, photometric, and optional luminometric detection technologies. (Thermo scientific, Varioskan Flash), Quantitative measurement of chemical and biological phosphorescence by luminometer (ATTO, AB2100 and Berthord, LB9507).

Varioskan Flash Spectral Scanning Multimode Reader with Skanit software (UV/Vis,
flourescence, luminesence)

Varioskan Flash

Luminometer (ATTO, AB2100)

Luminometer (Berthold, LB9507)


Capture of gel imaging by densitomitor (ATTO, Printograph MEGA) and Cooled CCD-camera system.

ATTO, Printograph MEGA


ATTO, Cooled CCD camera system

cooled CCD camera ez-capturemega

The division recently houses a real time PCR, ABI 7500 Fast, LightCycler System (Roche) , a powerful micro ultracentrifuge (Hitachi CD-150GXL). The ABI 7500 Fast and LightCycler system permits a real time PCR with a online monitoring of the results. A PCR with 30-40 cycles can be completed within 30 - 40 minutes.

Real time PCR,

7500 Fast (ABI)

7500 Fast

StepOne Plus (Life Technologies)


Micro ultracentrifuge (Hitachi CD-150GXL) applications (in Japanese)

Cell culture division:

There are several rooms for cell culture and the experiment for using bacteria (not for medical purpose). Several incubators and cabinets are available in the room. Bio-hazard room (P2) is also included in the division.

Bio-hazard room

safty cabinet

laser micro-disection system (PALM)

Lazer Microdisection

Laboratory for common use division:

There are several rooms for common research. The division houses Cell Analyzer (BD, FACSCalibur).

Cell Analyzer (Sony, EC-800)


Cell Analyzer (BD, FACSCanto II)

Cell Sorter (BD, FACSAria)

(1) FACSAria


(2) Sorting Divice

(3) Computer and printer

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